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Does your roof look hoary? Blame those growing algae and fungus! Algae and fungus will not only devour your roof and cause discoloration. Even gutters will turn black if you don’t immediately kill them using the right chemicals or solutions. Since it grows and stays on your roof, it can somewhat make you feel distracted whenever you look at your roof. Be aware that it can damage your roof sooner or later. You must not allow them to stay longer on your rooftops.

If you want your roof to stay longer without replacing it and spending much of your budget, the only solution to it is regular roof cleaning. Whatever type of roof you have, whether it is flat, pyramid hip, gable, shed, or a curved roof, it must be regularly cleaned, especially right after the rainy season when there’s much rainfall. Do not allow those algae and fungus to ruin your roof. Eliminate algae growths as soon as possible. If you don’t want to do the roof cleaning yourself, our Power Washing Pros in Tampa, Florida, will do it.

Our Power Washing Services deploys professional staff that are responsible for window cleaning and commercial pressure cleaning. Our company offers inexpensive services that will surely save you a money and time. Give us a call and schedule and appointment to your next project.

Regular Roof Cleaning

When you see a brown to black color on your roof, do not think that it’s only a speck of dirt. It’s a mildew growth or commonly known as the fungus that can shorten the life of a roof. It is so popular here in Tampa since it rapidly spreads. There are three main reasons why fungus and algae rapidly spread throughout the city, which ruins even your roof.

The major causes of the rapid spread of these living organisms are warm temperatures, rising humidity, and rainfall. Do not think that growing fungus and algae cannot do anything bad to your roof. Always remember the fact that they are a threat to the cleanliness and life of every roof. To prevent the growth of fungus and algae that can ruin your roof, we recommend you to have a regular roof cleaning at least twice a year.

If a house or a building has a clean roof, its aesthetic appeal remains. On the other hand, a house or building with a stained and dirty roof will ruin its aesthetic appeal. Through regular roof cleaning, you can save your money for sure. You don’t have to spend your money on replacing the roof.

Roof Cleaning Process

When you see a few black stains on your roof, you should immediately do roof cleaning using the proper cleaning equipment and solution. There is a safe solution that you can apply to kill and remove those molds, fungus, and algae. It will be difficult to remove them on your own if you do not immediately get rid of those that cause black stains on your roof. Thankfully, you can ask our professional roof cleaning technicians to help you.


More About Roof Washing

Power Washing

Power Washing is the use of a highly pressurized hot water and an invasive method of cleaning. So, if you have a tile or a shingle roof,be careful when applying this method. The reason for this is that it can damage your roof shingles. With this method of cleaning your roof, it can guarantee the death of algae growths. However, you have to clean it again. And if you don’t apply a high pH solution, those algae will not be killed 100%. Our power washing pros use this method of cleaning to clean your roof and get rid of those living organisms that devour your roof.

Non-Pressure Washing

If you have a Decra Tile roof or GranuTile, you should do non-pressure washing. Stone Coated Steel and Metro Roofing Products should be cleaned using non-pressure washing. These types of roofs can be damaged if you do pressure washing.

Steep Roofs

Do you have a steep roof? It’s not easy to clean a roof that is steep, especially if you do it by yourself. The use of lifts makes roof cleaning easier, especially if you have steep roofs. Also, the use of roof cleaning chemical emulsification is very effective. It helps minimize chemical runoff.

Also do not forget about gutter cleaning.


Our Roof Cleaning Process

Our dedicated staff does the roof cleaning using a safe and environmentally-friendly solution that can remove black stains and can kill those growing fungus and algae.

For tiled rooftops, we use a high-temperature pressure washer to wash away the chemical contaminants. In order not to damage your roof shingles, we also use a low-pressure washer.

We ensure the cleanliness of your roof. So, to enhance and extend its cleanliness and life, we apply the safest eco-friendly treatment.

Are you looking for a Roof Cleaning company that offers professional roof cleaning? Whether you are looking for pressure or non-pressure and affordable roof cleaning service, you found the right company to help you! Our professional staff does the roof cleaning using the proper cleaning equipment and safe solution. We will make sure that there will be no damage to your roof when we do the roof cleaning.

Though we do pressure roof cleaning service, we only use a low-pressure wash. Don’t worry! The roof cleaning process that we do is safe, and it will not damage any of your properties. Our dedicated staff will help you remove those black stains, including molds and moss. You don’t need to replace your roof. No matter how severe the stains are, our professional staff will do the right roof cleaning procedure without leaving any damage.

Are you worried about your asphalt shingle or barrel tile roofs? You need us for sure! We ensure the cleanliness and safety of all types of roofs. We are here to help you have a healthier environment. And our goal, which we always want to fulfill is to maintain your home’s curb appeal. We use safe cleaning techniques, and all our staff professionally do their job.

We also offer driveway cleaning and concrete cleaning.

We can help you kill those molds, algae, and mildew growth or fungus using prevention chemicals. We evaluate each house, and the type of roof, to know the appropriate roof cleaning procedure. Our staff knows what they are doing when it comes to roof cleaning. There’s nothing to worry about since we are accommodating and very flexible.

Every job we do will not disappoint you. And when it comes to knowledge and experience, we have that too! We are here to help you keep your roof looking new. We use the latest roof cleaning methods, safe lifts, pressure, and non-pressure high volume spray equipment.

Do you have trouble cleaning your steep shingle and tile roofs? We provide the best roof cleaning service to help you maintain your property. Here in Tampa, Florida, we offer the right service to you, and we beat your expectations!

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